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Why Do Artists Use Such Big Words?

I wrote an article years ago about artist’s lingo ( click here ) and in sleuthing for backup of that point I surfed the internet and artist websites and their “artist statements” in particular, to see if I could decipher and cull the lingo and vernacular of artists and start to understand it. I found […]


The word creative is often associated with fields that lend themselves to its use. Creative artist, creative, cook, creative writer and so on. Often, the word is attached in other fields when someone excels of a proportion outside what is normal. An accountant is creative when they save a lot of money by flexing numbers […]

Contemporary Art in a Contemporary Culture

The internet is about 20 plus years old now. Total integration of that internet into our culture is about 10 years old. Blogging has been around for about 5 years as a serious undertaking. When I set up this particular blog almost a year ago, as part of my research I looked into what makes […]

Faith versus Frustration

You spend time at a favorite museum or read an inspirational book and charge into studio renewed with a sense of “I can do anything and it will matter” attitude. You spend days and weeks and maybe months on this or that project and things start to roll along with their own momentum. Things are […]

Sustainable Momentum

Suburbs series (1998-2000) :: Mall Series (2000-2003) :: American Landscape Series (2003-2007) :: Sketch idea for new Suburbs Series (2008) My interest lies in becoming an efficient and effective artist who can sustain momentum, production and growth long into the future. There are a myriad of factors that determine if a sustainable path will present […]

Happy Graduation! (Why we Love Art Students but Not Artists)

Me and my sweetie at her recent graduation The status of student is a blessed thing. When I held that title, I remember fondly gallivanting through the museums of Italy entirely for free. We were blessed with a “Tessera per Studenti” or a “get in free” pass that worked everywhere we went and circumvented emptying […]

Home Cooking

It’s always surprising to witness someone who works in a different field and takes an art class or paints on the weekends and expresses pure joy at the merest hint of making art. For them, art making is a hobby and hobbies are by their very nature stress releasers so joy as a byproduct isn’t […]

Art Myths, Art Stereotypes and the Art Gospel

For your lighter appetite, I present a number of art myths and stereotypes that are propagated throughout popular culture and also in the art world as almost gospel truths. Like many stereotypes, some are grounded in a tiny basis of reality and many aren’t true at all. If we acknowledge stereotypes with too much belief […]

Time Away… and Back to Work!

This must happen in all walks of life. You grant yourself needed rest either in the form of an exotic locale or simply time not spent at your place of work. Upon return, the job sits in proper perspective to the rest of your life and in a strange dichotomy; you’re working more effectively even […]

The Pencil or the Computer?

There is a great debate in the art world raging around the viability of the computer as a tool for making art. Nowadays, can anyone in a professional setting imagine doing what they do without the aid of a computer? It’s much the same in the fine arts. I find myself sitting in front of […]

Anne Truitt

The idea for A Year in Art has been rolling around in my head for a few years now. Like many artistic ideas they often arrive unannounced and uninvited and many ideas loiter on my doorstep or lurk around the house of my mind waiting for the day they are let in. For a few […]

Artspeak or, art words and phrases we use all the time and might wish we didn’t

Artists are often a serious bunch and we use words and catch phrases that hover around us to reflect our serious nature. Sometimes they are just normal words that take on abnormal traits when coming from the mouth of an artist. Sometimes they really are abnormal words to begin with. These are the words and […]

No Matter What You Do, There You Are

I knew a quiet, young boy who grew up in a fairly isolated locale with few neighbors and for the first ten years of his life was an only child who played by himself (with his dog) and wasn’t starved for companionship when it was unavailable. He was slow to upset and a bit quicker […]

Taking the Train

I’m taking the train this week from Providence to Baltimore for my fiancé’s graduation. This is the second trip in less than a month where I’ve circumvented my normal travel routine of driving and also in lieu of the hassle of airports in favor of rail travel. From my home I can walk to the […]

Art With a little Soul?

Some would argue that much of the art of the last century might fall under the umbrella definition of art without soul. My aim isn’t to make sweeping judgments about movements or perceptions of art but to ask how we make art and then how that art is perceived and what occurs in the trade […]